Looking for a part time editor with own fcp setup -$20/hr

Posted by paul kelleher 
Looking for a part time editor with own fcp setup -$20/hr
July 31, 2008 01:03PM
Hi all-

I'm looking for part time help to support my growing editing business. This would be occasional , quick turnaround ( overnight/two days) jobs. They would each require several hours of work. Often this would be 3 minute demo reels.

The requirements are:

1. Have your own fcp system. This doesn't have to be high end ( most of the work is standard DV) although having fcp 6 is probably necessary. ( and an NTSC monitor would be a good idea). You would need to be able to capture from mini-dv, DVD, and vhs sources
2. Be able to pick up/drop off source material in the North Hollywood area.
3. Have a good working knowledge of fcp and be able to work fairly quickly. Also, these reels need to have a nice sense of flow, hopefully you would be someone who could create that.
4. Be reliable...and very cool and fun to work with...

I'm happy to teach you what I know about reels ( and I'm sure) learn something from you too.

Please email if you are interested. If you have samples of your work online ( or compressed for email- please let me know)


Have a rockin day

Re: Looking for a part time editor with own fcp setup -$20/hr
August 01, 2008 05:03PM
Ross H. Martin
11920 Chandler Blvd. #116
Valley Village, Ca 91607
(310) 490-8639


Dear Paul,

I live nearby. Recently, I was working as an assistant editor on a TV show called ?Strange History? for The History Channel. My work included outputs, stringouts, edls, digitizing and importing content. Shane Ross, one of the FCP gurus, is one of the editors on the show.

Earlier this year I wrapped an edit of a feature film on Final Cut Pro, ?War of the Worlds 2? for The Asylum directed by and starring C. Thomas Howell. The movie is now in video stores.

Last year I edited a feature film comedy, "Geek Mythology" that can be found and purchased at Amazon.com.

I use LiveType and Soundtrack Pro. I author DVDs with DVD Studio Pro. Often I use Compressor to make various codecs for DVDs and/or the web. I have a basic knowledge
of uploading using FTP. I update my own website, uploading movie files, etc. I have some experience using an Xsan server, Kona and Blackmagic cards. I worked as an assistant editor at The Asylum whom shoots High Definition and uses P2 audio cards. I digitized media, synced the sound to picture and authored DVDs of the dailies.

I edited a feature film documentary called "My So-Called Japanese Life" about Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians that had been placed into internment camps during WWII. A trailer of my feature documentary "Finding My Religion" about American Jews reconnecting with Judaism in Israel can be seen on the website: www.rosshmartin.com

I?ve also edited a short film and two music videos. Check out my edit reel at my website. [rosshmartin.com] On the Editing section of my website there are 2 reels. The second one, my Home Video Edit Reel, showcases more of a documentary style.

I produced, co-wrote and co-directed a low budget independent feature film.
SEE fenderbenderfilms.com

Please keep me in mind if any experience on my resume suits your company's needs.


Ross H. Martin
Re: Looking for a part time editor with own fcp setup -$20/hr
August 18, 2008 12:58PM
Hey Ross-

Thanks again for replying to my ad. I have found someone to work with for now, but will keep your info around for future possibilities.


Re: Looking for a part time editor with own fcp setup -$20/hr
October 02, 2008 01:04PM
too bad there isnt anything on the east coast. lolol
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