OT: Printer recommendation for DVD covers

Posted by CaseyPetersen 
OT: Printer recommendation for DVD covers
January 06, 2011 10:43AM
I know this is a little bit off topic, but I need help here.

I have a printer that I use almost exclusively for printing my DVD covers. I have been using Epson for nearly 10 years because I like the quality, and I have been able to get by pretty well with using generic inks since the printer gets regular use. Well, my printer just died (Epson R340) and my boss' home printer is a newer Epson, but it will not accept generic inks, even though you can buy them for that model printer.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has a nice, fairly inexpensive printer that you use that is also pretty cost-effective with ink.

I have been perfectly happy with the quality of my R340...which I see on Epson's website that it has been replaced by the Artisan 50 printer. I don't need the DVD printing capabilities or any other bells and whistles...I'm just looking for a decent printer that can use cheaper or generic ink...oh, and borderless printing is a must.

I have talked to places like SuperMediaStore and Meritline, trying to figure out if these newer Epson printers work with generic ink...they always say yes, but they also said yes to my boss' printer which absolutely refuses anything but OEM inks, so I don't really trust what they say. I'm hoping to find someone with firsthand experience.

Casey Petersen
Re: OT: Printer recommendation for DVD covers
January 09, 2011 04:54PM
If you do not need the cd printer then i would suggest you looking into a laser printer. Brother makes a laser for about 259. The toner is about 85. but it will give you 20x the printing before refill. ( like 20 ink changes ).
there even more at the 350 range. ( hp, cannon, epson even)

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Re: OT: Printer recommendation for DVD covers
January 10, 2011 09:06AM
Although I am not a big fan of their video cameras, or their customer service, I AM a big fan of Canon printers.
You can buy literally 250mls bottle of ink, and some plastic tubing, and voila.
First time I saw this in practice was in Thailand, and Taiwan. NOBODY buys the over priced cartridges.

Re: OT: Printer recommendation for DVD covers
February 16, 2011 01:57AM
Love both for different uses. For some reason, Canon does not manufacture a printer which feeds discs -- the white-coated DVD's are a great way to present one-offs for clients. Epson in America seems to be the only consumer choice. Your next step up is a Bravo Primera automated dedicated printer, which costs about a grand. PLUS the inkjets.

Paper labels are trash-- the adhesive can spin out over time and gum up the works, and they add weight to the disc, challenging cheaper DVD players.

Inkjet printing is the way to go-- and where is Canon's offering?

Backroom deal to noncompete with Epson? Looks like it.

- Loren

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