How do I link multiple tracks to form one track?
April 23, 2011 04:12PM
Problem #1 - In addition to a button fo each of my slideshows (5) in my main menu, I would like to also give the viewer the opportunity to go to a submenu to play the entire slidshow moving from one to the other. How do I link (connect?) my tracks together that I converted from a slideshow?

Problem #2 - In one of my streams I have an MPEG -2 (let's call it "Cold water"winking smiley video asset that is sandwiched in between a video asset of the same format and my 1 st slide. When I play "Cold Water" back it is blank unless I place the play head on the asset then click the asset in the track, then it appears and will continue to reveal video during the remainder of the asset (10 sec's). I can't get it to reveal the asset in the viewer or the simulator when I play it from the beginning.

Help! Thanks

Re: How do I link multiple tracks to form one track?
April 29, 2011 03:27PM
For the first problem, you can either set the end jump of each slideshow to go right on to the next one in the sequence, or (if you want to also be able to play one at a time) you'll need to script it.

Scripting is not hard for this, but you do have some 'gotchas' to work around. Have a look here:


The second problem is trickier, and I'm not sure I fully understand it. Why have you added MPEG footage to a slideshow? Would it not be simpler to construct the whole piece in FCP and use it as a single track?


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Re: How do I link multiple tracks to form one track?
May 02, 2011 10:31PM
Thanks for your response, Hal, you opened a new world to me. I didn't know what scripting was. Now I need to learn it. I find your tutorials very helpful.

Problem #2 sort of solved itself when I burned the disc. My problem was that the short MPEG I made wouldn't show up in Simulator unless I first put the playhead into the element, but when I viewed it on the disc it came up. My other MPEG's were okay., So, I still don't know WHY it happened.

My previous slideshows I did do in FCP, but in this forum it was suggested I try doing it in DVD Pro to eliminate one compression step and thereby coming up with a better resolution for the final product. So, this is my first attempt at starting the slideshow in DVD Pro and importing my motion elements. I am new to the entire FCP studio, but with the help of this forum and the manual I'm making slow but steady progress.

Thanks for your website address. I'll be making good use of it.

Re: How do I link multiple tracks to form one track?
December 03, 2011 04:22PM
Or use Stories. Much simpler to work with than scripts.

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Re: How do I link multiple tracks to form one track?
April 17, 2012 04:19AM
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