Scoring in STP with Reason

Posted by xzeusius 
Scoring in STP with Reason
April 08, 2009 10:04AM

I am a community college student drowning in technology! New MAC, new cams, new interfaces and an overwhelming amount of new software! OK most of my new stuff is used, but its new to me!

I have been tinkering with FCP, Reason and GarageBand with some reasonable success.

I was recently given a scoring assignment. The video clip is a 30 second QuickTime file with no sound or time code. No big deal. 30 seconds of mood music.

Now we are looking at a 15 minute sequence. Again, no sound, no time code. We are not using STP in this class. I don't even think the Prof is aware it exists.

Anyway, for efficiency's sake and practice, I dropped my sequence into FCP, gave it time code and imported the new revised piece into STP.

I connected my midi keyboard, initiated Reason and voila! I am scoring, BUT!!!!

When I attempted to lay down new track, the new track function is grayed out. I have been able to record alternate two channel tracks but thus far, true multi-tracking is eluding me.

Why can't I multi track?

I am unsure as to whether I could locate the thread I have just created to ask this question so if anyone does respond, please cc a copy to me a


Re: Scoring in STP with Reason
April 08, 2009 10:46AM
What version STP are you using?
Current version is 2.0.2
It's unclear whether you are having an issue with Reason or SoundTrackPro.
In STP you Add Track and you can Arm that track to Record.
You can use the Recording tab to select the source.
In that tab Configure Device opens Apple's Audio MIDI Setup utility to setup the input to the computer.

Without step by step details regarding your work flow it's hard to decipher exactly what you're doing.
Re: Scoring in STP with Reason
April 08, 2009 02:41PM
Hi Craig,

I have STP Version 1.1 1a209 and Reason 4.0.

I tried using STP for the first time last night.

When I opened STP, the window arrangement clearly depicted multitrack capability.

After opening the video file I initiated Reason. Somewhere during this process, the screen shot changed. Instead of seeing several arm-able tracks to choose from, the several multitrack channels disappeared and what replaced them was an enlarged view of only one, 2-channel track which I was able to record on but, I was unable to subsequently record other new 2-channel tracks that could be monitored simultaneously.

I was able to record a subsequent track that could be monitored alternatively, but not simultaneously. It appeared that I could have recorded several more with the same result.

My current workflow:

I imported the video clip, opened Reason and was immediately able to record an audio file and did so. My problem is that when I went to record a second track, there was no available path visible to take. The "new track" link/ selector was grayed out.

I feel I have been more redundant rather than more explicit.

If you need more info, I will be happy to answer as I am able.


Re: Scoring in STP with Reason
April 08, 2009 06:16PM
I have made some progress "in theory".

Originally I had an expectation that: With a midi keyboard controlling Reason during a session with STP, I should be able to send audio signal from Reason into the STP multitrack and record each layer, track by track. Totally incorrect approach!

I now think the more practical key is to lock Reason and STP to one master clock. Reason tracks will be recorded in the Reason sequencer, not the STP multitracker.

Can someone confirm this?

I am guessing the STP clock will be the master and Reason will track as the slave. Seems "Reasonable"!

The question is now, how exactly is the appropriate patch/ preference-set-up accomplished?

My fumblings have failed to produce a successful solution thus far.

Thanks in advance,


I will continue to poke around as time allows.
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