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Review: Final Cut Express Training DVDFinal Cut Pro 3 - Editing Workshop (2nd Edition)

September, 2002


Final Cut Pro 3 - Editing Workshop (2nd Edition)
Published by CMP Books
By Tom Wolsky

ISBN 1-57820-118-7
List price: $49.95 U.S.
598 pages
Companion CD ROM and pullout KeyGuide™ for Final Cut Pro 3

Review By Ken Stone

When I started out with FCP three years ago there were no books on the subject. The only place that information was available about FCP was at the 2-pop discussion boards. I spent months 'lurking' at the boards reading everything I could find. I quickly discovered that there were a small number of people who knew the product, wrote well and were willing to spend a great deal of their time helping out FCP beginners. Tom Wolsky was one of those gracious posters.

Now, three years later, there are over 23 FCP books on the market. These books run the gamut from what I call 'FCP Nuts and Bolts', to books that teach editing techniques along with FCP basics.

Editing Workshop, now in its 2nd addition, is a 'Nuts and Bolts' book and is very thorough in its approach, but it also teaches editing. Each of the 13 chapters of Editing Workshop contains a tutorial so that editing techniques and theory are learned as well. The book ships with a CD ROM that provides media, video footage and sequences, to be used in conjunction with the lessons contained in each chapter. This allows you to work and learn FCP, doing the exercises as you read.

While FCP 3 can run under both OS 9 and X, this book is for OS X only. As such it includes a basic introduction to OS X that is essential to get started with both FCP and OS X. Editing Workshop follows the traditional approach to teaching FCP, each chapter covers a basic segment of FCP as demonstrated in the Table of contents, shown below.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Installing Final Cut Pro 3
Chapter 2 Setting Preferences
Chapter 3 Cutting Up Those Shots
Chapter 4 Editing Basics: Building Your Sequence
Chapter 5 Adding Transitions
Chapter 6 Advanced Editing: Using Sound
Chapter 7 Advanced Editing: the Moment
Chapter 8 Adding Titles
Chapter 9 Animating Images
Chapter 10 Adding Special Effects Filters
Chapter 11 Color Correction Tools
Chapter 12 Compositing
Chapter 13 Outputting from Final Cut Pro

Editing Workshop shows off both Toms complete expertise with FCP and his skill as a writer. He has always written in a clean understandable manner with the ability to de mystify his subject matter. Aside from detailed instructions, tips and editing concepts are included. I have included a link to Lesson 5 of Editing Workshop, so that you can see for yourself. Lesson 5 - Adding Transitions (link no longer active)



The companion CD-ROM includes digital media and graphic files for the tutorial projects, sample transitions and filters from CGM, the TMTS Free filters and generators, and utilities including FileXaminer, Carbon Copy Cloner, and a timecode calculator.

Editing Workshop also ships with Keyguide™ for FCP, which is a full size keyboard graphic layout, with all the FCP function and short cuts from NeoTron Design.

Final Cut Pro 3 - Editing Workshop
copyright © 2002 by Tom Wolsky

Tom Wolsky is an honors graduate of the London School of Film Technique with 30+ years of professional experience spanning film, tape, and digital production. Career highlights include work on BBC documentaries and dramas; producing ABC News programs; managing tape operations and news editors; as well as the occasional screenwriting gig. Tom teaches video production in the regional occupation program at Mendocino High School and operates an independent studio, South Coast Productions. In recent years, he has acted as a guide on a number of online forums, published articles in DV and Macworld magazines, and taught at the Digital Media Academy at Stanford University.

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