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Review: - Digital Rebellion

June, 2010

Digital Rebellion

By Ken Stone

For some time now, users of FCP and FC Studio, have had a friend watching their backs. His name is Jon Chappell and he runs the 'Digital Rebellion' web site. Jon's site is not full of tutorials nor the latest plugins, no HD video clips, reports on the latest capture cards or interviews with important people.

What Jon's Digital Rebellion web site offers us is tools. Tools that help us with running Final Cut Studio, tools that will help repair corrupted video clips, tools that help remove applications properly so that we can reinstall. We can use Preference Manager when we need to dump our 'Prefs' and not lose our 'Favorites', and even a tool to repair Compressor. FCP Versioner is a backup and versioning utility for Final Cut Pro, automatically backing up FCP projects in XML format and generating changelogs to show changes between revisions.

Jon also provides video and film calculators that help provide answer a number of video question that come up in both Pre and Post Production. There is also an excellent Post Production Glossary at his site.

In addition to these free tools, Jon also offers the FCS Maintenance Pack, for $129, which contains; Autosave Cleaner, Compressor Repair, Corrupt Clip Finder (which can be a FCP project saver), Crash Analyzer. FCS Housekeeper, FCS Remover, File Salvage, Path Manager, Project Repair, Preference Manager, QT Repair, System Toolkit and XML Repair. There is a 15 day free trial and a detailed user manual available on the site.

The Digital Rebellion site also provides 7 free calculators. You can utilize these calculators by going to the Digital Rebellion web site in your Browser, or Mobile Browser, from a Desktop, Laptop, iPhone or even iPad, select the tool and enter your information. The calculations will be preformed by Jon's server for you. Two of the calculators have off line versions as well.

An example of the 'Aspect Ratio Calculator' is shown below.

So this article is not really a 'review', as so many of you know and have had success with these tools, but rather a 'heads-up' for those of you who are new to FCS and are not yet aware of Digital Rebellion. Many of us have been using Jon's tools for years and I have long been recommending Digital Rebellion's Final Cut Studio Remover, Preference Manager for Final Cut Pro and Compressor Repair, all of which are free and have save a lot of people's FCP projects and their sanity as well. Take a minute to visit the 'Digital Rebellion' site, have a look around and bookmark the page. It could be, that at some point in time, you are going to need some of the tools offered at Digital Rebellion.



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