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Review: - Footage Firms Time Lapse Collections

March, 2010


Footage Firms Time Lapse Collections
Promotional offering of $8.41 for these time-lapse collections, includes shipping & handling.

Review by Steve Douglas

There are a goodly and growing number of royalty free footage companies that have sprung up over the last few years. Some are certainly better than others so one must be discretionary when choosing where they will spend their hard earned funds. Personally, I prefer the sense of fulfillment I get when I shoot my own footage. But, let's be realistic, I can't always get to the location of my choosing or be there at just the right moment to catch a clip of the Aurora Borealis, so sometimes having a royalty free clip that you may use can really come in handy.

Time-lapse clips are, no pun intended, very time consuming to record. If you are still using a tape based camcorder there is a lot of wear on your transport and, if outdoors, there can be the detrimental affects of the weather on your equipment that can cause difficulties down the road. Therefore, sometimes purchasing and using royalty free footage truly can be the most frugal approach.

Footage Firm's Time Lapse Collections desire to stand out from the pack of the many royalty free companies is to provide these collections virtually free of charge in the hopes that you will appreciate the quality of their clips and be further inspired to take a good look at their other collections of diverse footage. Each of their Footage Firm clips come with no license or research fees, unlimited usage for an unlimited amount of time and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Collections are available in either NTSC or PAL, HD, Mini DV, DV Cam, Full Size DV or data DVD and there are no extra fees for either commercial or worldwide usage. I received a good sampling of the Time Lapse collections and was significantly impressed. Each disc held 15 HD 1920x1080 Photo JPEG clips as well as 15 Standard Definition versions at 720x480. Each clip appeared to be beautifully lit and filmed and the time-lapse effects for any of them are clearly of excellent quality.

Having always been attracted to water effects, I naturally opened the Time-lapse Water Landscapes first and found stunningly beautiful time-lapse clips to choose from.

A diverse choice of clips is provided in the Time Lapse Water Landscapes collection.

 Time Lapse Dramatic Clouds collection of clouds passing overhead or in the distance can frequently be found in many films and on T.V. Once again, of the 15 clips, either in HD or SD, to pick from, I have little doubt that you will find something that will fit most any project.

I found the Timelapse Fisheye Clouds clips especially appealing.

The difficulty in reviewing royalty free footage is that I am limited to showing you only still grabs from any of the Footage Firms Timelapse collections. For however long Footage Firm continues to offer them at this price (Most of their collections are sold for $249.00), the $8.41, which covers the shipping and handling, is a steal.


Steve Douglas is a certified Apple Pro for Final Cut Pro 7 and underwater videographer. A winner of the 1999 Pacific Coast Underwater Film Competition, 2003 IVIE competition, 2004 Los Angeles Underwater Photographic competition, and the prestigious 2005 International Beneath the Sea Film Competition, where he also won the Stan Waterman Award for Excellence in Underwater Videography and 'Diver of the Year', Steve was a safety diver on the feature film "The Deep Blue Sea", contributed footage to the Seaworld Park's Atlantis production, and productions for National Geographic and the History channels. Steve was a feature writer for Asian Diver Magazine and is one of the founding organizers of the San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition. He is available for both private and group seminars for Final Cut Pro and leads underwater filming expeditions and African safaris with upcoming excursions to the Cocos Islands, Costa Rica, Lembeh Straits, Indonesia, and Wakatobi. Feel free to contact him if you are interested in joining Steve on any of these exciting trips.

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