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Review: Logic Apple Pro Keyboard for Final Cut Pro

Logic Apple Pro Keyboard for Final Cut Pro
Price: $125.00 for Apple Pro Keyboard version,
$99.95 for MacAlly keyboard version
$84.95 Apple Pro Keyset (Requires Apple Pro keyboard)
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Review by Gretta Wing Miller

"Wow! Nice keyboard! It really brightens things up in here!" That was the comment from the first client who walked into my editing room after I had plugged in the Logic Apple Pro Keyboard for testing.

My initial thought when considering the Logic Keyboard for Final Cut Pro was, well, I already know the FCP keyboard shortcuts, so I'll take a look at it as a possible tool for FCP newbies.

After just a week of using it every day, I have fallen in love with it, both as a tool for myself, and for my students. Be advised, this is not a third-party manufactured keyboard, but a real Apple Pro extended keyboard, with the relevant icons for selecting tools, navigating, and editing on color-coded key caps.

We all know that learning the keyboard shortcuts, and working two-handed with the mouse is the efficient way to work on an NLE. That's easy to say for the professional editor who already knows the conventions, and can envision the edit he wants to make, but for someone who is both a newbie to editing AND to the NLE, learning the dozens of keyboard shortcuts is the least of her concerns. Now using the LogicKeyboard, I talk to the students about the function of each of the tools by accessing them directly from the keyboard. In addition, valuable screen real estate is saved for the Timeline by not having the Tools window open. Similarly, I teach them the meaning of the icons on F9 and F10, and don't even mention the drag-and-drop method or the yellow and red buttons. The LogicKeyboard has allowed me to focus my teaching strategy on the keyboard from Day One, and mentioning the other modes of editing as sidebars. Using it professionally every day, I'm now hooked on the colors and the icons. I don't have to dislodge my brain from the cut I'm trying to make to think," Now is it F6 that locks the audio track?" And although I 'know' where the 'B' is, and what I want it for, the pink key with the razor blade on it really grabs my eye. While I'm not editing at lightning speed, I do appreciate saving even that brief moment of searching for the right key. The LogicKeys are nicely tactile; less shiny than the regular black keys, and, yes, it really has brightened things up around here.

You can buy the full Apple Pro keyboard for $125.00, a MacAlly version for $99.95, or just the Apple Pro keyset which comes with a nifty key puller, and instructions for rebuilding your own keyboard; $84.95.
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Gretta Wing Miller has been a film and video editor and instructor since the mid-1970s, working for National Geographic, American Masters, City University of New York, among others. She has been working with Final Cut Pro since it was first released, and was logging on to 2-pop even before her system was delivered.
Gretta is now collaborating with the most creative professionals in Madison, Wisconsin; "seventy-two square miles surrounded by reality."

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