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How to partition your hard drive

April 2001

How to partition your hard drive


1. With your Mac shut down insert your Mac OS CD (don't use the restore CD) that came with your Macintosh.

2. Start up your Mac as you normally would but this time hold the "C" key down and keep holding it until you see the "Welcome to Macintosh" screen.

3. After boot up is successful, open the Mac OS CD and look for the Utilities folder.

4. Open Utilities folder and open DRIVE SET UP.

5. You should recognize the name of your HD listed under LIST OF DRIVES.

6. Select that name by clicking once on it.

7. The INITIALIZE button should now be bold. (If it stays Gray then you have not booted up your Mac with the CD correctly and will have to try again.)

8. Click on the INITIALIZE button.(You will be presented with a window that says you will destroy all data.)

9. Click on the CUSTOM SET UP button at the lower left of the window.

10. Now you can make your decision(s) on your Custom Partition as you are now presented with the CUSTOM SET UP window. (Notice the TOTAL CAPACITY. Make sure that the total size of the 2 partitions equal that number. For ex. TOTAL CAPACITY is 12 gigabytes. One partition can be 3 gigabytes and the other 9 gigabytes for a TOTAL CAPACITY of 12 gigabytes)

11. Point your mouse to the PARTITIONING SCHEME pop up and click on it and Select "2 Macintosh OS Extended" Note: There is some debate on this but the conensus seems to be that with Mac OS 9 and above, Mac OS EXtended is the way to go.

12. After you selected the number of partitions they will appear as UNTITLED 1 and UNTITLED 2. (Don't' worry as you can name your Partitions whatever you want later on.

13. Click on the first partition under VOLUMES and set your size in the little box next to SIZE. Set your large partition size first. Give it everything except for 3 gigs. After entering that number, hit the tab button to completely enter it.

14. Once you have entered that number with the tab button, you have now automatically selected the 2nd partition. You do not need to enter Size here, it has automatically inserted the remaining disk space for that number.

15. When satisfied that this is what you want as your partitions then click on OK.

16. You will be presented with a dialogue box saying that doing this will destroy all data.

17. Drive Set up will now initialize and partition.

18. Once finished you will see 2 icons of Hard drives called Untitled 1 and Untitled 2 on your Desktop. Rename them by clicking ONCE on the words Untitled. Call them, say....Macintosh HD and the other FCP HD.

19. Now the only thing left is to install your system software on each partition using the System CD you booted up with.

20. And, of course reinstall your application software into the appropriate new partitions.

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