Motion text looks bad

Posted by justin Richard 
Motion text looks bad
December 06, 2007 06:28PM
Running the latest version of FCP studio. Using motion and livetype to create motion text effects for FCP timeline. Problem is text looks blurry, jagged and flickers. I follow all the text rules...large simple fonts, nothing under two pixels. I'm importing the files directly to FCP will the handy integration method. I can't understand why the text looks so bad. Laying the video off to tape at 10-bit uncompressed does nothing. The text still looks bad.

Some people (experts) are telling me to use After Effects because Motion and Livetype don't work well. Can this be true? Is the great FCP studio flawed? Tell me not...Please!

Frustrated and confused,

Re: Motion text looks bad
December 06, 2007 06:48PM
Not true that Motion and Livetype don't work well. They work fine here. Not sure why it's messy on your system though. Have you tried exporting a mov out of Motion and importing that instead of using the integration system? Possibly there's a corrupt part of the path there?

Re: Motion text looks bad
December 06, 2007 07:59PM
I have not. But will give it a shot.
Re: Motion text looks bad
December 07, 2007 07:45AM
what codec are you using out of motion. ( should be animation codec - millions+)

flicker can be handled by flicker filter.

if you created a lower 3rd in motion and used livetype for the actual text, drop the opacity on the text to 96.

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